Remedial massage is used to return healthy, normal body function to patients experiencing a range of issues such as injury, chronic pain, or damage from repetitive motions or sedentary behavior. As a result of Remedial massage, your muscles become balanced and tension in your body is eased; muscle tone is improved, returning your body to normal working order; and you will find relief from aches and pains that appear as the body ages and life happens. This massage practice has a direct impact on the muscular system by relieving tight or overused muscles, allowing your body to relax.

Enhance your quality of life, and lessen your everyday stress and pain by getting to the root of physiological issues that are getting in your way. Imagine feeling less stress, less pain, more relaxed, better able to sleep and more energetic after just a handful of sessions.

If you experience aches and pains, allow Keep Moving Massage to improve your everyday life and keep your body moving.

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