5 Stars

Habib Chebli

Crystal does a brilliant job, always very professional and friendly, with a real in-depth knowledge of how to get your body working as it should.

If you haven't as yet, do yourself a favour and book an appointment with Crystal - your body will thank you for it!

5 Stars

Belinda Nowakowski

I gave my husband a massage with Crystal for his birthday..... when i asked how it was he replied
"It was maybe the best massage of my life"!!!!

5 Stars


Crystal is a fantastic massage therapist that always goes above and beyond. I couldn't recommend her enough!

5 Stars


As an older athlete who is weightlifting 6 days a week I thoroughly recommend Crystal

5 Stars


I received a remedial massage from Crystal today and for the first time in weeks my body has been able to move around again. My aches have reduced and my body feels light. Crystal is brilliant, professional and she instinctively detects where my body needed treatment and how to treat it correctly. Thank you Crystal!

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