Posture Awareness

Written by Tania Zalisz

How Aware Are You of Your Posture?

As we go around doing our daily activities; work, chasing after kids, preparing meals, cleaning, gardening, leisure activities…. Are you conscious of how you are moving or perhaps, not moving? More and more of us are sitting in front of computers, binge watching shows or looking down at digital devices for hours at a time. 

This sedentary life lends itself to poor posture where we tend to slouch, not really thinking about the long-term consequences of our poor posture and lack of movement. These sedentary movement patterns tend to shorten all our anterior (front) muscles and can lead to pain and less range of motion in our neck, shoulders and back. Sometimes we may not even be aware of the changes to our posture as they happen gradually over time. 

  • Perhaps you’re noticing more of a curve or a bump in the back of your neck lately?
  • Do you get pain when you turn your head, or you can’t turn your head as far as you used to?
  • Do you get pain when trying to lift your arms or you have trouble lifting your arms like you used to be able to do?

It is usually when we start to feel pain in our neck, shoulders or back; this is when we may start to pay attention and increase our awareness of what is going on with our body. Changing our current movement patterns combined with remedial massage and targeted strength exercises can reverse these changes to our posture. Breaking up the time spent in front of a computer, television or device will help to balance out our muscle use. Remedial massage will help ease the pain with posture related changes and help target the muscles that need to be lengthened and strengthened.

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