How To Cancel Your Appointment

As many of you already know, the booking system for Keep Moving Massage is self manageable.  While many of you are enjoying this feature, others prefer to call for any booking updates.  In that case, please call the 24 / 7 business line 03 6144 5876.  They can help you make an appointment or cancel / move an existing appointment.

For those of you interested in the self-management feature, but are having difficulty, here is a quick look at what you will see when changing your appointment online.

1) Login to your account, then

  • Select "My Account" in the upper right corner.
  • Click on "My Bookings"
3) Next  The small "X" next to your booking will show as red when you put your cursor onto it.  When it is Red, you may click on it to cancel your appointment 4) You will be shown this screen....which you may select the reason you are canceling. 5) Finally, confirmation of your cancelled booking From here, you may make another booking or just leave it.  I will see the canceled booking.
At this time, I am voiding cancelation fees.  If you receive an invoice for cancelling please email me and I will void the invoice.   I am still collecting fees on No Call / No shows though.  You will be expected to pay 60% of the service fee if you do not cancel before your appointment time. There is a waiting list so please do your best to cancel promptly so that others may take the appointment. Remember, you may call 03 6144 5876 for assistance or cancel your appointment through your online account. Thank you, Crystal Burke Remedial Massage Therapist MMA

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