And...We're Back!

Written by Crystal Burke

AND... WE'RE BACK! How many massages will it take to clear out the dust?

To Birdsville, QLD and Back

As we left our home at dawn on a Tuesday morning I felt the Blues Brother's "Peter Gunn Theme" was most appropriate.  We had everything we needed and most of what we did Not need, but who has time to pack for these things, right?  Sometimes, taking one step at a time means throw in the whole lot and make sure there's air in the spare 'cause we are riding on high spirits and other people's itinerary.  Excited for what lay ahead, we enjoyed the scenery and eased into the drive. Our first stop, Pooginook, just across the SA border.  How amazing to sleep outside this time of year!  I absolutely loved it.  Until I awoke in the morning...

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