Posture Awareness

Written by Tania Zalisz

How Aware Are You of Your Posture?

As we go around doing our daily activities; work, chasing after kids, preparing meals, cleaning, gardening, leisure activities…. Are you conscious of how you are moving or perhaps, not moving? More and more of us are sitting in front of computers, binge watching shows or looking down at digital devices for hours at a time. 

This sedentary life lends itself to poor posture where we tend to slouch, not really thinking about the long-term consequences of our poor posture and lack of movement. These sedentary movement patterns tend to shorten all our anterior (front) muscles and can lead to pain and less range of motion in our neck, shoulders and back. Sometimes we may not even be aware of the changes to our posture as they happen gradually over time. 

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Care for Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Written by Crystal Burke

Care For Your Core and Pelvic Floor


The "core" is compromised of a network of muscles in the stomach, back and butt.  These muscles work together to keep your posture tall and your back safe from any strains or unwanted forces that can cause pain or injury down the road.


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How does Remedial Massage Therapy compare to Myotherapies?

Written by Crystal Burke


Many clients have questions about how remedial massage therapy can help them, and how Remedial therapies compare to Myotherapies. While each therapist with either title uses their knowledge, skills, and assessment tools to create a treatment plan for you, our background shapes how we approach each condition.

  Both Remedial or Myotherapy are used in prevention and rehabilitation of injury  

     Massage & Myotherapy Australia, 2013

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And...We're Back!

Written by Crystal Burke

AND... WE'RE BACK! How many massages will it take to clear out the dust?

To Birdsville, QLD and Back

As we left our home at dawn on a Tuesday morning I felt the Blues Brother's "Peter Gunn Theme" was most appropriate.  We had everything we needed and most of what we did Not need, but who has time to pack for these things, right?  Sometimes, taking one step at a time means throw in the whole lot and make sure there's air in the spare 'cause we are riding on high spirits and other people's itinerary.  Excited for what lay ahead, we enjoyed the scenery and eased into the drive. Our first stop, Pooginook, just across the SA border.  How amazing to sleep outside this time of year!  I absolutely loved it.  Until I awoke in the morning...

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