Let's Get Functional (Lines)

Let's Get Functional!

As football seasons end, Cricketers start winding up, and Ash Barty season continues it seems to me a perfect time to talk about the Functional Lines.  These fascia tracks are the reason we have smooth and powerful asymmetrical movements in walking, rowing, bowling, kicking, racquet swinging, and all the other athletic movements. So, even though I can't currently work on those "hammie" strains and shoulder dysfunctions, I figure we can at least talk about how to avoid them. 

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How the Deep Front Line is Important to You

How the Deep Front Line is Important to You

What is the Deep Front Line?

The Deep Front Line (DFL) is a term used to describe the relationship of the myofascia between our front and back.  Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, has explained that this "train" of muscles and tissue link our toes to our neck anchored by many bony points while passing over organs.  

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How To Cancel Your Appointment

As many of you already know, the booking system for Keep Moving Massage is self manageable.  While many of you are enjoying this feature, others prefer to call for any booking updates.  In that case, please call the 24 / 7 business line 03 6144 5876.  They can help you make an appointment or cancel / move an existing appointment.

For those of you interested in the self-management feature, but are having difficulty, here is a quick look at what you will see when changing your appointment online.

1) Login to your account, then

  • Select "My Account" in the upper right corner.
  • Click on "My Bookings"
3) Next  The small "X" next to your booking will show as red when you put your cursor onto it.  When it is Red, you may click on it to cancel your appointment 4) You will be shown this screen....which you may select the reason you are canceling. 5) Finally, confirmation of your cancelled booking From here, you may make another booking or just leave it.  I will see the canceled booking.
At this time, I am voiding cancelation fees.  If you receive an invoice for cancelling please email me and I will void the invoice.   I am still collecting fees on No Call / No shows though.  You will be expected to pay 60% of the service fee if you do not cancel before your appointment time. There is a waiting list so please do your best to cancel promptly so that others may take the appointment. Remember, you may call 03 6144 5876 for assistance or cancel your appointment through your online account. Thank you, Crystal Burke Remedial Massage Therapist MMA

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A Broad Look at the Lymphatic System


The Lymphatic System________________________

An Overview of the channels of our immune system

The lymphatic system is a collection of vessels and nodes that run parellal to the cardiovascular system.  The fluid within the lymph vessels is called "lymph" and it is made from the blood plasma.  Lymph carries nutrients, oxygen, and hormones to the interstitual spaces then removes toxins and cellular wastes products.  The nodes help to return the fluid back to the vessels which then carry the fluid to the heart where it enters the cardiovascular system and is carried to our eliminating organs.  With a properly functioning lymphatic system our body is able to recieve and eliminate the necessary components for our everyday life as well as protect us against invading pathogens.

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Posture Awareness

How Aware Are You of Your Posture?

As we go around doing our daily activities; work, chasing after kids, preparing meals, cleaning, gardening, leisure activities…. Are you conscious of how you are moving or perhaps, not moving? More and more of us are sitting in front of computers, binge watching shows or looking down at digital devices for hours at a time. 

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Care for Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Care For Your Core and Pelvic Floor


The "core" is compromised of a network of muscles in the stomach, back and glutes.  These muscles work together to keep your posture tall and your back safe from any strains or unwanted forces that can cause pain or injury down the road.

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How does Remedial Massage Therapy compare to Myotherapies?


Many clients have questions about how remedial massage therapy can help them, and how Remedial therapies compare to Myotherapies. While each therapist with either title uses their knowledge, skills, and assessment tools to create a treatment plan for you, our background shapes how we approach each condition.

  Both Remedial or Myotherapy are used in prevention and rehabilitation of injury  

     Massage & Myotherapy Australia, 2013

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And...We're Back!

AND... WE'RE BACK! How many massages will it take to clear out the dust?

To Birdsville, QLD and Back

As we left our home at dawn on a Tuesday morning I felt the Blues Brother's "Peter Gunn Theme" was most appropriate.  We had everything we needed and most of what we did Not need, but who has time to pack for these things, right?  Sometimes, taking one step at a time means throw in the whole lot and make sure there's air in the spare 'cause we are riding on high spirits and other people's itinerary.  Excited for what lay ahead, we enjoyed the scenery and eased into the drive. Our first stop, Pooginook, just across the SA border.  How amazing to sleep outside this time of year!  I absolutely loved it.  Until I awoke in the morning...

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