Crystal Burke

I love helping people with shoulder impingements, rotated and tilted hips, and to create greater range of motion and functionality within the soft tissue and bony structures.  I also help people with chronic issues such as Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, or Stroke rehabilitation.

My therapeutic focus uses massage, exercise, and stretching as tools to allow rehabilitation and injury prevention.  I've worked with athletes of all levels from the amateur athletes to competition level weight lifters, equine riders, professional golfers and baseball players.

Though a graduate of Cortiva Institute of Massage (2006, Scottsdale, AZ) my diploma has been qualified by the Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy (MIMT, 2010).  I have since completed a Bachelors of Health Sciences (2016) which has expanded my knowledge of the human body as well as the pathophysiological occurrences that create a functional change within an individual.

While each person’s goals vary, we are all looking for quality of life which is why I enjoy working within sports facilities. The
community I work with in such facilities are those of us who are determined to function at our personal best.

Book an appointment online or call KM2 at 03 6144 5876.  Alternatively, stop by my room at the Diamond Valley Sports Facility near the squash courts.

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